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Shipping to Canada and Worldwide

Delivery of conifers from Europe to the Canada and the rest of the world


We are specialized in selling naturally occurring rare conifers species in the Canada. Wholesale and retail. We provide for the required phytosanitary certificate and the customs procedure.

We process and fulfill orders in the order we receive them. We send you an email about the date of shipment and the expected date of delivery. In most cases, and if the customer does not specify another date for the delivery, the products arrive within two weeks after the order. Due to weather conditions, we may not be able to fulfil the order right away, in which case we inform you in advance about the new date of delivery.

The plants we offer are grown in pots, but we remove the pot when packaging and wrap the soil ball in stretch foil, so that it remains intact during shipment. Since the plants grow in pots, and their roots remain intact in the packaging, they can be planted all year around, when the weather permits.

If you do not plant out the plants right away, please, provide for the necessary pot, because we send them without pots. We line the packages with air-cushioned material to protect the plants from injuries during shipment.

We have more than 10 years of experience in delivering conifers, and that is why we ship plants to the Canada and all of the countries of the world (except for Australia, Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya). We fulfil orders from Hungary, Europe, and rely on the EMS (Express Mail Service) and its international network for the delivery. In case of large quantities shipped on pallets, we use DSV (Global Transport and Logistics). Shipment to the Canada takes 5 - 8 days. 

Non recyclable products such as Styrofoam or packing peanuts are not used in packaging of our plants. Shipped materials are easy to handle and recycle or dispose of.

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